Agonizing impact infidelity allegations had on Murugi Munyi and hubby

• Murugi Munyi has been married for 6 years.

• She and her husband have two kids, she also has a son from a previous union.

Murugi Munyi and hubby Zach
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In 2022, Murugi Munyi's marriage was rocked by infidelity allegations. A Kenyan woman identified as Nurse Judy alleged she and Murugi's husband had had a sexual relationship while they were still married.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi, the mother of three now says people should stop focusing their energy on other people's marriages.

"People can write anything but I never say anything. Kenyans are not discerning when it comes to the media, most people do not open and read the articles.

If you want to believe am a certain person then do so, I can't spend time defending myself. I can never defend a hand or a mouth that isn't mine.

People should leave and stop minding other people's marriages.You do not know anything about other people's marriages."


"Leave people who have been naked together alone. No publicity is bad publicity. If she keeps saying am a bad person how is that hurting her? People online do not care about your marriage.

The best thing about Kenyan media is today you are the news, something else comes in. I try and use the publicity to my favour."

How did it affect and impact their marriage?

"If affected us 100%. Zack is very private so for him it was a difficult time to go through. It was very personal. At some point we took a break, the situation was causing us stress and we couldn't be with each other respectfully.

We took a two-week break. We came back and did therapy, talked about the whole issue and we did what we could to keep our marriage together."

Digital content creator Murugi Munyi
Digital content creator Murugi Munyi

Was it easy being back together?

"It was a difficult time but we learned our lesson, about taking people for granted. We are a lot more appreciative of each other. He is my biggest supporter, he is a good dad and I thank God for him."

Does she hold any grudges at Edgar Obare for exposing them?

"I do not hold anything against Edgar Obare, he is just a Kenyan trying to make money. I do not agree with some of the methods he is just a Kenyan trying to make money out here. If he has seen tarnishing people's name is how to do it then it's okay, let me mind my own business."

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