Vera issues fascinating answer about her kids' welfare after concerns raised


• She is a reality TV star, a mom, and a social media influencer.

Vera Sidika with her son.
Image: Instagram

Vera Sidika has said that she is happy seeing her kids every day even if it is from afar, she said this in her Instagram stories.

"My Mom and Son Clinic day,  baby is growing, 6 months now. So happy I get to see them every day even when I'm far. My babies are super happy, healthy, and surrounded with love. So much love. Oh, I see them every day. Even when they are sleeping."

The socialite has been trending for the past few days after Brown Mauzo posted an announcement about their break up.

Not only people were concerned about her feelings about the breakup, but they also asked about her kids for in the photos she was traveling alone.

She even responded to the speculations that she did not travel with her kids saying that she needed some free time away from being a mom.

Taking a break from being a mom was not the issue, the issue is the amount of time that you take from being away from your kids considering that they are small, with the young one being about 6 months old.

Netizens asked where her kids were and who they were left with, She responded by saying that they were safe with their nannies and her mum.

On top of that, there are house helpers and two house managers who will help them take care of her kids.

The reality TV star started her trip in Dubai, then to New York, Houston in Texas, Sacramento California, and today, she is in Seattle Washington.

These trips are part of her USA tour as she is planning to visit another two destinations; Raleigh- North Carolina and Dallas- Texas.

Here are the statements that she posted on her IG stories confirming that she is keeping track of her kids.

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