'I think my mum wants me dead!' Shocked Chito and Kwambox told


• Did your parents ever made you move out or run away from home?

Chito Ndlovu and Kwambox
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On the Morning Kiss, at Kiss FM with Chito and Kwambox, a man confessed how his mom wanted him dead and how he doesn't feel comfortable being around her.

"I think my mum wants me dead. She has doing the worst to me. I just want to leave and go to school so that I am not around her. At one point I wanted to commit suicide."

This confession is what gets us to the question of the day;

"What are parents doing that is making kids run away from home?!"

Nowadays we see that there are many young people out there who live alone and you have a background check on them it was a result of being kicked out or running away from home. 

Some of them live a hard life that leads to them getting married at a young age while others get themselves a 'Mubaba'.

Chito says that this is not something new. Many children have been through this even himself but they solved it later with his mother.

Parents have done some things that are off the children's limits but still want them to fulfill them, and when you don't do it they kick you out of the house. They just want the perfect child.

How do you expect to do something that even you yourself have never done at your age? 

Some of them have forgotten that we are in a modern society, they still do things that were done in their era and also expect their children to continue with the same algorithm.

Kwambox says that some parents wonder why their children don't speak to them and still when they have a bad day at work they come and yell at their children. You do something minimum then they make a big deal out of it.

Here are some of the things that parents have done to make their kids move out or run away from home;

Caller: I have always been on bad terms with my mother to the point that I got depressed, that is when I decided to run away. I wanted to pursue music but my mum was against it and it brought a very huge conflict when I tried to use my aunt as a meditator it never worked, My mum would come and ask me what I was trying to do to my ant, and telling her what was happening. Now I don't talk to her or my father, I just communicate through my sister.

Caller: My parents are overly protective. I have been unable to mend my relationship with my parents.

Drelvins™ 254@drelvin_duncans: I had issues with my mom back in 2015, I even left home for over one week, and no one knew where I was. I refused to pick up mom's calls, I only talked to one of my sis, and it took my grandpa for me to go back home. But we solved it on good terms now.

Akugizibwe blessing@Akugizibwebles2: Some parents have refused to cope with modern-day parenting which is mostly having conversations Instead they're stuck to the military & dictatorship way of parenting from the 80s, am not saying do away with the tough love but more freedom and conversations is needed.

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