Anerlisa's advice for how desperate women should pray for spouses

It is a video of Nigerian women who were spotted in church praying for husband while wearing wedding gowns to manifest a marriage

Anerlisa Muigai
Image: Instagram

Kenyan businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai is reacting to an undated video of Nigerian women who were spotted in church praying for husbands while wearing wedding gowns to manifest a marriage. 

Muigai shared the video on her Instagram stories and described it as cringe.

"This is so cringe. It's never that serious. Pray privately or without recording, we shouldn't have to know," she wrote.

The women also had full hair and makeup and bouquets of flowers.


Anerlisa was married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol before they parted ways. Late last year, her ex-husband said he had never enjoyed the fruits of their marriage.

"We started dating in 2018. When you remove the Instagram photos and that I never enjoyed my marriage.

I never experienced what other people enjoy in marriage. I was there to be sat down and have photos taken."

"I am being neutral but in my perspective we got marriage to complete the picture. It's like she wanted to tick off her marriage from a list."

"The kind of level and dedication I had towards her is not something I had with someone. This was my first serious relationship. I was deep in it and I was OK with it. We do talk and we are not enemies."

In her response to the interview, Anerlisa said that the singer had started taking her silence for granted.

"Ben I think you've gotten used to taking my silence for granted, you've always had the right to tell the interviewer not to ask about me. Why are you always making me look bad, yet undercover, you send me messages different from what you talk?" she asked.

In another post, she asked him to completely stop talking about her.

"If you are truly a real man, I dare you to screenshot what you have been sending me from 25th December to 4th Jan 2023."

She added that she had a lot to say and show about the Tanzanian singer but chose to be a lady about it.

"It's simple, stop talking about me!!" she concluded.

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