12 celebs that got into heated fights with Andrew Kibe

• The social critic's account had close to 500k before it was terminated.

Andrew Kibe
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Andrew Kibe fans and haters alike have been stunned after news emerged yesterday evening that his YouTube account had been terminated.

The outspoken Kenyan media personality, online content creator, and self-proclaimed "boychild" advocate has often criticised many of his fellow celebs over the past few years.

Many Kenyans are speculating about who might been the cause of YouTube terminating his account. There are a few possible choices but it wouldn't be possible to know exactly who as 'Mr. Lambistic' as he is well-known has attacked many celebs...too many to count.

So what we will do is look at the most heated fights Kibe has had with other celebs and you the reader can make that guess.

In most cases, a creator can lose his/her channel if they are reported by several people on various grounds that go against the YouTube community guidelines. 

So let's begin below;

1. Amber Ray

Mr. Lambistic attacked Amber on one of his videos accusing the socialite of pregnancy trapping moneyed Rapudo after months of dating and he also dragged her son into all these saying that the boy is being brought up as a soft boy.

Amber Ray mercilessly responded to Kibe for mocking her and her family uncontrollably in an Instagram story, warning the content creator to keep his mouth out of her family's business saying that,

"I don't need to respond to you more than once. When you choose to insult my family because you have none, I'll make you a story be warned. Keep my son's name out of your f**king mouth!"  Adding that he is just a 50-year-old who is broke and had opportunities to give up but didn't for lack of clear vision.

Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

2. Presenter Ali

It all started after Kibe made a video on his YouTube criticizing Presenter Ali for buying his wife a new car.

Well, Ali was sure not happy with the video, and in reaction, he went to Kibe's inbox where he warned him about involving him in his content something Kibe did not take lightly, as he made another video firing at Ali.

The Interviewer threatened Kibe and his YouTube channel if he continued mentioning his name and his wife in his videos.

Ali went ahead to release a song to diss him back calling him a Ben 10 and throwing jabs at him and accusing him of being kept by an old mzungu.

Presenter Ali
Image: Instagram

3. Diana Marua

The boychild's fighter has been calling Diana Marua funny names and describing her in absurd ways with mockery.

Diana on the other hand does not have any problem with Kibe mentioning her name in his videos saying that if calling her out brings him a fortune, she is very okay with that since Kibe is just a content creator trying to earn a living.

"But by any chance he is going to speak about Diana B, na apate chakula,I don't have a problem with that let him go ahead since we are all looking for bread and butter and that's about it" The rapper explained.

Diana Marua
Image: Instagram

4. Samidoh

Kibe took to his socials to narrate how he had invited Samidoh to his show while the artist was visiting the United States but Samidoh declined and opted to hang out with ladies.

The content creator went on to add how he felt sorry for the singer as he was talented but was losing focus due to his love for women.

Last year or was it this year…. I’m not sure. I asked Samidoh to come and I show him around during his weekend off when he is here for the tour, Just to show him how rich the gang lives. I was going to host him." He went on to add that the artist turned him down so as to go hang out with women.

Image: Instagram

The musician did not take this lightly and took to his socials and revealed that he turned Kibe down because he is a kept man and due to his glory, he would not be comfortable talking to his socials he went on to reveal that he turned Kibe down because he’s a kept man and Samidoh in his glory would not feel comfortable hanging out with a man in a house that a lady caters for.

“Haha kwani unataka? So, I was to leave my work coz a lad has invited me over to his cougar's house?Bro, si we agreed nitakam ukipata kwako,”Samido captioned.

5. KRG the Don

The beef between the two began a few months back after Kibe claimed KRG is a simp for being left by his wife for another man.

The two have since been engaged in an online battle each trying to show is mightier than the other.

KRG the Don
Image: Instagram

Recently during an interview with Obinna and Kwamboxx in the morning kiss, he revealed that he has bad blood with Andrew Kibe comes from him criticizing men like him for standing by their families while he(Kibe) is a deadbeat father who ran away from his responsibilities adding that;

"I have beef with people like Kibe because you cannot start calling out men like us, and who are younger than you and we are holding our families down. I call him a sperm donor because that's what he did then ran away,"

6. Kamene Goro

She is Kibe's former workmate and the two fell out months after Kibe resigned from Kiss FM. Kamene claimed that Andrew just got toxic after they stopped working together.

She tried making their friendship work by reaching out to him unfortunately things did not go as planned.

Ms. Goro confirmed that she blocked him after he started mentioning her name in his videos and attacking her online.

Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

7. Terrence Creative and 8. Milly Chebby

There was a time Terrence shared a video where he was dancing while wearing his boxer shorts and the video went viral - trending countrywide.

Their beef started when Kibe attacked the comedian claiming he was out of ideas to create funny videos. He also accused his wife Milly Chebby saying she was the one who had influenced her hubby.

Terence and Milly Chebby
Image: Instagram

Kibe has never ceased mocking him and maybe it is the reason why the comedian opted to block the US-based content creator.

The two have been engaged in a bitter feud that has been played out in the public eye, with fans and critics alike weighing in on the drama.

9. Akothee

The beef between the two started after Kibe had criticised the make-up done on Akothee during her huge wedding back in April.

The mom of 5 didn't take it lying down and fired back at him and threatened to take legal action against the social commentator.

Describing him as bitter and broke, Akothee said the former NRG Radio and Kiss FM presenter is a failure who thrives on insulting others.

Image: Instagram

10. Mike Sonko

The former Kiss100 host criticised Sonko for being a person who promotes Western luxury products without leaving his own legacy creations that will be remembered long after he is dead.

That wasn't all, the US-based YouTuber also wondered aloud how the governor sustains himself. Kibe's opinion wasn't taken lightly by the fiery politician who came out to call out Kenya's biggest social provocateur telling him to mind his business.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko
Image: Instagram

His response was a full-on assault that featured many insults that I can't publish here as they are very incendiary in nature while also quizzing how Kibe had made his money while in the US.

11. Edgar Obare

The tea master and Kibe have no love lost for each other with the two going at each other many times over the years, so much so that even yesterday evening Edgar celebrated the news of the termination by gloating that he was the one that caused it.

Kibe responded by using a gay slur to describe Edgar on his Twitter account. My guess, I think YouTube terminated his account over numerous complaints and not just one.

Edgar Obare
Image: Courtesy

12. Oga Obinna

The comedian and Kibe have also had their issues with each other. In fact, Obinna even released a video on his social networks celebrating the termination of Kibe's channel.

The two have never seen eye to eye with Kibe criticising him when he used to co-host the Kiss FM morning show with Kamene Goro.

Image: Instagram

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