Zari says she is done with her exes and they should forget about her

Zari raises eyebrows over odd comment about her exes

• She is currently married to Shakib Cham.

Zari Hassan has re-emerged online to make comments which to her fans suggest her exes want her back.

The popular socialite used her popular TikTok account to share a video showing off her short pixie wig that she premiered a few days ago, plus the cute pink off-shoulder top she was wearing.

"When all your exes want u back, it means you were never the problem. I said what I said 😏. chances don't Come twice.... bye!"

The boss lady has millions of TikTok followers so her comments always ignite debate, no matter her intention. 

Zari has dated several men, and her most notable relationship was with musician Diamond Platnumz. The nature of their post-breakup has always interested netizens, in spite of each moving on to different partners. 

Zari in the video Sep 11 used a video, that tells off a man who wants to reunite.

"I'm gonna be that bi**h that you always remember that female that you always wanna care about because I had a genuine heart.

So you gon always sleep around a lot trying to match the love and loyalty that I gave you.

Ni**as don't know what they have until they lose it, and then they want to come crawling back 'babe Im sorry with flowers' and all of that.

I don't give a sh*t no more, you should have like I said losing me is gonna be the best karma there is." ended the audio for the video

A fan added their approval about Zari's message. TikTok user user145931375555 said, "Embwa ezo, trust me I will never go back to my ex no matter what."

Zari wholeheartedly agreed writing, "Me 3 🙋‍♀️"

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