Why we date our office colleagues- Kenyans share

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

•Are people using team building and work worships as a way of cheating their affairs, read below to know more.

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo Mike Mondo
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In today's morning show at Classic 105, radio presenter Mike Mondo had a one-man show and he ensured that the listeners had the best morning conversation.

Mike asked his listeners to tell him what makes their work colleagues attractive and why they fall into temptations.

"Women, did you know 85% of affairs start in the office and men what makes your colleagues so attractive, men talk to me why are you dating a colleague?"

The morning show was inspired by research that was conducted and it was discovered that 85% of affairs begin in the office.

Mike wanted to understand what exactly makes their female colleagues so attractive yet they are just workmates theirs nothing special about them.

Many listeners were thrilled to join in the conversation, some defending themselves and blaming women for dressing in a  manner that attracts them while some shamed the act telling men to be contented with their wives.

The first caller was so excited to share her views, this is what she said.

“You know my husband anaenda team building mara ni video call mara kidogo we have an event hapo nashuku kuna kitu.”

Another added;

“People come in the office smartly dressed huwezi compare na vile mama anavaa, some of these women wanavaa intentionally just to capture you, Friday unapata amevaa revelling necklines unajipata umekuwa attracted unaenda na yeye tu nah apo ndio team building inaanza.”

The next added

"Leo tumefikiwa, sasa I also had the same issue with mine on work place. killa siku alikuwa anapigiwa na msichana job ata sunday anapigiwa, I told him I'm not comfortable about it when she did her wedding my husband was there for her yeye ndio alikuwa nafanya kila kitu."

 A caller added this

"This thing happens especially if the man ako management level sana sana  watu wa sales, for sales ladies have to dress well to draw customers kwanza wakikuja wanakuwa na temptaions mingi unajipata umefall."

Mike was left astonished when a caller confessed that they even get intimate inside the office and they don't see a problem with it.

"Mike lemme tell you, hizi vitu hufanyika na si kila saa mwanaume anataka pia msichan aanataka mtu na some even get intimate in the office., hakuna shida hapo tumekaa na wao sana tumewazoea tayari."

Some listeners decided to chip in on the conversation and tweeted some of their views. Below are some of the tweets.

Kevin Muhindi@kevinmuhindi42 -Office affairs can happen because people spend a lot of time together at work, creating opportunities for emotional connections to develop.

Jennifer Kanyiri@jennykanyiri -These relationships starts because of the long hours people spend together, and they get used to each other ,so with time it leads to extra marital l affair,,but it's all depend on self discipline since no one is forced to get into it ,,people do it willingly #MikeAndKingangi

Rosemary Kanyua@rozzykanyua -That can never be me! My colleagues ni wale huongea vibaya they will use you then come to hang your dirty linen kampuni mzima. I'd rather have something with the guys next door. #MikeAndKingangi

I.am.Morgan@cptMorgan36 -Mike hakuna kitu Ati attractive it's only seeking pleasure when you are weak morals

I love Wildlife@lovewildlife_#MikeAndKingangi@MikeMondo1 -for me office relationship is big No!, potential issue is that things might not work out and that you’ll be stuck working with a person with whom you have a now awkward relationship @Classic105Kenya

Caleb Chauro@ochauro -Take note of this; closeness and that listening ears in the office can lure someone to a relationship. Sharing and helping if need be, you find winning a heart without knowing. It's that simple. #MikeandKingangi #MainaAndKingangi @Classic105Kenya @MikeMondo1

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