TBT of Kayole's Kabi Wajesus alias Pinchez

β€’ Kabi WaJesus will be celebrating ten years this year since being born again

Kabi WaJesus
A throwback photo of Kabi WaJesus

Kabi Wa Jesus will be celebrating ten years since he was born again.

The content creator said before he found salvation, he was a bad boy in Kayole whose nickname was Pinchez.

WaJesus shared a throwback photo and wrote;

"This guy right here was called Pinchez πŸ˜‚ boy mmoja mfupi lakini kichwa ngumu sana pale Kayole. Ni boy anapenda watu na chemical kwa nywele 😁. Hii swag yake ilikua imeweza mbaya sana.Huyu ungemwambia yeye sio chic magnet wa mtaa mngefight mbaya sana."

He added that at the time, he was always looking for love and acceptance at the wrong places "and in the wrong ways……More stories loading. Hapa ungejaribu kumwambie ataitwa WaJesus one day angecheka aanguke πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. "

Adding "But am so happy because of the good news of Christ that this young man is celebrating 10 years of salvation this Friday on 15th September. Can you imagine a whole decade!!!!This week Ntawapigia story za how I found Christ and my journey to Salvation with a hope to inspire someone to believe and accept Jesus."

 Kabi WaJesus is now one of the most followed content creators in Kenya together with his wife Milly Wajesus. 

In a recent interview with Kalondu Musyimi, the slammed fans who accused them of producing unGodly content.

"I'd rather show a couple that is legally married kissing than kuwatch izo vitu watu wanawatch uko nje. Mimi heri niwaonyeshe nikikiss bibi yangu, niwaonyeshe nampenda."

 "I would say that because they didn't give us the name, they don't understand the history. you don't understand the covenant we made with God. When I was born again I asked God; 'How can you write a story of a Christian or a believer in the 21st century.' We are living in the world we are not in the world."

Milly added "As much as we are Christians we are content creators who are entertainers and sometimes we will do skits just to entertain people to make people laugh."

"In the context of marriage and coupling, and relationship there is so much that happens, and sometimes whatever happens might not look good according to Christians, but it's part of life," She concluded. 

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