Kenyans individuals who are celebrity look-alikes


• They have the same facial and physical features as these celebrities

Kenyan Cardi B and Kenya's Burna Boy

People have discovered that these individuals have some features that are similar to other known celebrities.

I guess it is true when scientists say that there are at least 3 people who look like you around the world, these individuals have proven this statement is true.

Some of these look-alikes have used this opportunity to market themselves and their talents while others are taking it to earn money.

Here are some of the Kenyans who look like celebrities.

1. Kenyan Cardi B

Cardi B is a well-known international rapper who is known for her amazing rapping skills.

Sharon Nduta Mwega, The Kenyan Card seems to have the same facial features as Cardi B. Her smile, eyes, and even her cheeks.

Nduta is a dancer, a model, and a content creator.

She goes by the nickname Cardiron.

Image: Instagram

2. Kenyan Rihanna

Rihanna is a singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and actress and she is one of the youngest billionaires.

Her Kenyan look-alike goes by the name Bad Gal Shee, who is also a musician but is known for her cover songs

The famous cover song she has released is Baby Riddim by Fave.

She is also a performer and a songwriter.

bad gal shee
Image: Instagram

3. Kenyan Ruger

Ruger is a Nigerian musician, performer, and songwriter.

His Kenyan look-alike is known as Ruger wa Kayole, a performer, Brand promoter, and dancer.

He has been trending for a few days when he performed a legit show at a school event, where he performed Ruger's songs.

This performance raised concerns among many people that he could be sued for impersonation but in a change of events, Ruger responded to people's worries while at an interview at BBC radio 1xtra.

He said that he doesn't have any problem with the guy promoting his songs and he is trying to earn something.

Ruger wa kayole
Image: Instagram

4. Kenyan Burnaboy

Eyebrows Msanii shares a striking resemblance with the African Giant.


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