Willy Paul hopes he will never wear a skirt like his peers to chase clout

'I would rather quit' Willy Paul on why he wouldn't be caught dead cross-dressing

• He takes a dig at his peers wearing female clothes

courtesy instagram
courtesy instagram

Willy Paul hopes he will never wear a skirt like his peers to chase clout.

The Umeme singer has for the second time taken a swipe at his peers who cross-dress for content creation.

While not mentioning anyone in particular, Pozee captioned

"God help me that I never wear a skirt for relevance, please. 

Keep giving me fresh ideas like you've always done. But if it gets to a point of wearing a skirt, I would rather quit."

Willy Paul has been asking his fans what new things he should do in music, that do not include clout chasing. 

He recently marked ten years in the industry and needed to inject fresh ideas for his next boss move.

The suggestions he received included doing songs in English to resonate with more fans and collaborating even more.

On September 8 he returned to thank Kenyans for their advice 

"Well, I Took The advice. My Next Project Is All English But Sio Kama Ya Watu Flani Tunajua... Trust Me When I Say I Got You Fam. Pozze The Performer, The Best Entertainer Is Here. See You On The Other Side Of Success! New Music Next Week!" he announced.

The Saldido International CEO has been making waves in the industry.

He has been hinting that he is likely to feature international artists on his next album.  

"I'm Just Here Laughing At Everyone That Thought Pozze Ameshuta King Is King... Ata Hao Wa Hip Hop Hapa Hakuna Kitu... It Me Alafu Them" he shared

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