Harmonize is begging Hamisa Mobetto to take him as her side ni**a

Harmonize begs Diamond Platnumz ex Hamisa to make him her side man

• Harmonize was recently dating Kajala

• Hamisa has in the past dated Harmonize's nemesis Diamond Platnumz.

Image: Instagram

A man will almost do anything to get the attention of the woman he has a crush on.

Bongo singer Harmonize has been going all out to draw the attention of Hamisa Mobetto.Not even the fact that she is madly in love with her West African bae Kevin Sowax deters him.

Harmonize has released a snippet of a song dedicated to Hamisa.

In the song, he begs Hamisa to take him as her side ni**a.

He shared the beautiful words with Hamisa on his Instagram.The Single singer was in a studio where he passionately sang out the lyrics.

He croons

"This world is crazy I don't know if it's the right time to say this. All I know babe I have to tell you this. Your body shape of you makes me do this.

Do you notice Babe I wish you knew this, I know you got a man It seems like somebody's wife to be, I can be your better man. Don't lose me, just make me your plan B.

Don't you see your beautiful face in my wallpaper? That mean that am ready to give you all my paper baby all my paper.

Let me be your side ni**a, side, side ni**a let me be your side ni**aYes I wanna be your side ni**a Baby make me your side ni**a .

I swear I am waiting until you mine."

Hamisa and Harmonize unfollowed each other on Instagram a week ago, as his pleas to catch her attention landed him criticism from netizens who say he is simply too much.

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