Kibe loses access to youtube a/c

Breaking: Andrew Kibe's massive YouTube account terminated

• The account was nearly reaching 500k followers at the time of its termination.

Andrew Kibe
Image: Instagram

The YouTube account belonging to social commentator Andrew Kibe has been terminated. The Kenyan who lives in the US has not yet acknowledged the loss of his account.

The strike according to a screenshot Mpasho has taken above indicates that, "the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated," read the announcement.

Andrew Kibe has for some time been notifying his legion of fans that once he is done with YouTube, he will upload his content on another platform.

While this may be a different case now, it will be interesting to see what he says about his YouTube account.

Here is what Google Help says about an account being terminated.

- If your channel was terminated due to copyright infringement claims and you think the claims are incorrect, you may file a counter-notification. This process is still available for creators with terminated channels, but the counter-notification web form will be inaccessible.

- Is YouTube termination permanent? YouTube may suspend accounts, temporarily or permanently, from their social networking service.

- YouTube can terminate any account they choose to terminate without needing to give any reason.

- You may be able to appeal either by creating and submitting a video appeal or by contacting Creator Support from within YouTube Studio. After submitting your appeal, our teams will respond within 14 days with a decision.

Here is a list of other popular personalities whose accounts got terminated at some point.

Diamond Platnumz, who arguably runs one of Africa's biggest accounts with over 7mil subs, got his terminated in 2022.

Inn 2020, Comedian Flaqo faced the same fate, while Tanasha Donna painfully explained to her fans why her account too remained suspended in 2021.

Gospel singer Embarambamba was in agony earlier this year when he disclosed the fate facing his account.

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