My Ride or Die!! Wahu and Nameless celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary

• The couple has three kids.

• They are among the most loved Kenyan celebrities.

Nameless and Wahu.
Image: Instagram

Celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu are today celebrating 18 years of marriage.

The father of three took to his socials to reminisce on the ups and downs of the marriage, so far.

"Today we celebrate 18 years of marriage, marriage yetu imekuwa adult buana!! We can't help but reflect with Gratitude on a journey of great highs and lows, memorable joys, and unfortunate pains that we have shared together.

We have fought and made up, we've had misunderstandings but always strived to understand each other over the years.

But what's for sure, we are better individuals and partners because of this union. Thank you fam for showing the M'z love throughout our journey.

Happy 18th babe. Here's to forever more!  #RideOrDie."

Nameless with his wife and kids

In a recent interview, Nameless revealed at some point he questioned himself on whether he had made a mistake by getting married.

He said relationship drama almost broke his relationship with Wahu.

Speaking in an interview on 'The Failure Effect' YouTube channel

"The first year of marriage I was like Kwani I made a mistake.

The second year we went for counseling, we were told the issues we had were normal.

At some point, we had to take a step back and ask ourselves if there was something we were doing wrong."

Nameless moved out, it was consensual between the couple.

"There was a time I moved out at some point, it wasn't as dramatic but it came at a time we could focus on things.

It forced us to focus on our issues. It helped us focus on ourselves.

We didn't define it as a separation, it was just a time-out."


"In our 30s there was a lot of pull and back, there were so many things that were going on. What I have done because of those struggles is have people I talk to a lot.

They include my psychologist, life coach, my siblings, etc."

Nameless says self-care is important adding that it shouldn't be taken for selfishness.

"The more you understand yourself, the more you will be good to others.T o improve yourself you cannot do it yourself.

We realized that mindset is very important, You have to reinvent yourself, you can't be the same utabore mtu."


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