DJ Gee Gee's ex-wife talks about life after leaving her marriage

• DJ Gee Gee and Jasmine share two kids.

• She is the founder of Cooking with Jaz

Citizen TV Soin master DJ Gee Gee with his ex wife Jasmine

In 2020, Jasmine Mungai and Celebrity DJ Gee Gee revealed the cracks in their marriage.

At some point, the couple went their separate ways bringing to an end their 8-year-old marriage.

In a recent Instagram post, the mother of two while celebrating her 33rd birthday reflected on the challenges she faced during that time and how she has successfully moved forward since.

"This is 33. A year ago my marriage of 8 years failed. I was looking for a house. I was heavily pregnant and I had no jobs….BUT GOD! Here I am a year later, thriving, healing, raising my babies, laughing, and living. Psalm 126 y’all!!" Jasmine wrote on her Instagram.

In December 2022, the couple welcomed the arrival of their second daughter, Zuri Wangari Macharia.


Going by her statement it is important to note by the time they welcomed their second child the couple was probably not together.


Jasmine is the founder of Cooking with Jaz.

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