Abel Mutua recounts fainting naked in the bathroom & being beaten in CBD over Tanya

• The former Tahidi High actor went down memory lane to narrate how he almost died after fainting in the bathroom.

• I was beaten in CBD over Sarah Hassan & OJ’s relationship on Tahidi High – Abel Mutua

Abel Mutua

Film Director and actor Abel Mutua has recounted the day he was beaten in Nairobi CBD by a fan over his character in Citizen TV’s show Tahidi High.

In an interview with Mic Cheque Podcast, Mutua revealed that he was attacked by an angry fan who felt that he was interfering with OJ (Dennis Mugo) and Tanya’s (Sarah Hassan) relationship on the show.

“What used to surprise me was how the audience used to take the show very personally. I was once beaten in town for always cockblocking OJ (Dennis Mugo) when trying to hit on Tanya (Sarah Hassan) on the show.

“He was trying to hit on Tanya, and then I came and messed up the whole plan. So one day I was walking along Kimathi Street and someone really slapped me hard on my back saying ‘wachana na watu wapendane bwana’. He was very angry with me,” Mutua narrated.

The former Tahidi High actor went down memory lane to narrate how he almost died after fainting in the bathroom.

“I fainted in the bathroom naked, with only the househelp in the house. She was the only one home so she had to help me.

“I had overworked myself coz I had just gotten my first child.  I had the fear of, My kid is here I can’t give them excuses, you have to provide.

“I used to write scripts for Tahidi High and Mother-In-Law. I used to go for Tahidi during the day as a cast and when the scene was not mine, I went behind the camera to shoot because I was still a camera operator. When people finish the day and go to sleep I embark on writing the script for the next episode," he said.

"I used to reach home and start writing by the time I was done, the alarm went off so I had to shower and go back on set,".

The act of doing more than one role on TV took a toll on Mutua and he experienced a bad burnout that resulted in him fainting in the shower.

Abel Mutua went on to state that he had to come up with a trick of allocating himself fewer scenes to get a bit of rest while on set.

During the Interview, Mutua revealed that being the scriptwriter, he had to come up with a scene where he could get an opportunity to at least Kiss Tanya (Sarah Hassan) on set.

“Tanya was very polite on the show…. But in the very second last scene of my episode as a writer on the show I kissed her. It was the script saying that,’ he said.

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