5 ways to avoid being cat fished

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

• Some people have ended up committing suicide after being cat fished.

• In most countries Cat fishing is not a crime.

Couple shows affection by holding hands.
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In modern-day society, it is not news to hear of couples who have met via dating Apps.

The challenge is when people decide to fake their identities.

This is what is commonly known as Cat fishing.

Cat fishing is when one assumes another person's identity, especially a celebrity or someone prominent.

The big question is how can you avoid being cat fished?

Insist on video calling or physical meet-ups

People who are cat fishing others never want their cover to be blown hence they never pick up when video calls.

They never want to meet up physically because their lies would be exposed.

Ask to meet their friends, family, or colleagues. This helps you investigate how real the person you are dating is. If a person is cat fishing you, they will never let you find answers to your questions.

Ask for recent photos

Most cat fishers look for professional photos of the people they are pretending to be.They would never be caught dead taking casual photos as they have an image to protect.In case your 'bae' never has any new pictures be very careful.

Do not send money

One way cat fishers operate is by asking you for cash and promising to refund the same.

Do not fall for this. First, get to know this person by physically meeting them and knowing the kind of person they are.

Trust your gut

When something is wrong, we all always have a gut feeling it is wrong. but we tend to ignore this.

The next time you suspect someone is not who they pretend to be trust your instinct and run.

Do a background check

Cat fishers have barely any information about themselves online.

This is because they do not want to blow up their cover. They have no social life as they have a tendency to cancel dates at the last minute.

In extreme cases, cat fishing can lead to stalking.

If not reported extreme cases sometimes end up in death.

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