Crazy Kennar has been nominated for the comedian of the year in the 2023 pulse awards

Why Crazy Kennar's towel is trending among his fans

β€’ The comedian is one of the most talented funnymen in the industry and is constantly releasing new content.

Crazy Kennar
Image: Instagram

The mood is always full of happiness if you watch Kennedy Odhiambo aka Crazy Kennars skits. His comeback since the drama he experienced a few months ago is proof that we can overcome.

The content creator has been dedicating his comedy skits to Kenyans in what he calls making the country happy. He has been positively impacting the country, more so in his fight against depression and mental illnesses.

One thing you will notice in the rooms where he performs his skits is portraits of Lupita Nyongo. In the bedroom above his blue bed, sits a portrait of the Kenyan American actress.

Along his TV on the cabinet is another of the Black Panther actress.

In a recent video he shared, the funnyman can be seen dancing vigorously by the TV while dressed in a white towel.

He didn't mind risking it all with his towel falling, something that fans noted in the comments section.

One fan Brett_K hilariously responded, "May all your relationships be strong as the grip on Kennars towel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚"

Another dug in with Robert Bob saying, "Towel stronger than our economy."

A few months ago, Kennar went on a long hiatus, leading to worry from his fans. This got worse on July 4 this year when he tweeted "DEPRESSION IS REALπŸ’”"

It turned out there was fallout within his team. Later on, he came out to thank Kenyans for their undying support for his comedy even during his absence.

He also spoke about people fighting with depression urging Kenyans to stand with them.

Kennar and his crew, dubbed 'Content Cartel', had a fallout. The team unfollowed him. Yvonne Khisa shared a cryptic message to suggest problems among them.

"Toxic people acting as a victim is the funniest thing ever," she wrote at the time.

A second team member Wanjiru Africas wrote; "Men can leave you in the desert with no water. No, actually men will leave you in the desert with no water. Anyway, another day to remind you to fight for your space unapologetically."

In May, Crazy Kennar parted ways with his 'Tales of the Crazy Kennar' director Stanley Omondi, alias Stano, with whom he founded the popular 'Content Cartel' comedy group.

After much online talk, Stano said he was working on solo projects.

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