Chito and Kwambox weigh in on women dating married men


• Do you have experience dating married men? If so, how do you determine if they are married?


Chito; Kwambox
Image: Intagram

The Morning Kiss duo, Chito and Kwambox weighed on women who date married men, with knowledge that they have a family.

The big question was;

How do you identify a married man?

The hosts shared how these men go for the ladies and some don't reveal that they are married and some ladies just go with the flow. 

Kwambox says that most people act like they are single, they are in clubs and supermarkets, and someone's husband comes and approaches them.

A lady called in yesterday and confessed to how she found out that the guy she was dating was married when she met the wife at the boyfriend's how.

Her confession is what led to today's conversation. 

The conversation.

Chito, "There is no skinny married man, ukiona amejajaa jua he is married or just do your research."

He also says that the girl was just having an excuse, you should ask the person if they are married.

Another person called in and said how she plays detective before she goes far with the relationship. She talks to the man's friends and other close people.

She makes sure that she has interrogated all of them so that she will know the way forward.

She contributes to the question of the day by saying that, aside from her "detective" skills, it's hard to determine if a man is married, especially if he hasn't had a wedding. Not everyone chooses to have a wedding.

Some listeners say that some men say that they are married and still the relationship continues; He came clean so we continue.

Some people's personalities can be deduced from their appearance and communication and this can clearly give you a lead on whether they are married or not.

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