Can a man satisfy a woman without money? Maina asks Kenyans

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

•Is it possible for one to date a woman without money?

Maina Kageni

Classic105, is known for its interesting and controversial morning conversations and today morning they didn't disappoint their loyal listeners.

The main topic of today's discussion was, 'Is it possible for a man to satisfy a woman without money?'

The charismatic duo consisting of Maina Kagemi and Mwalimu King'ang'i asked their listeners why they think they can't maintain a woman if they don't have money and why they think wealthy people don't have healthy relationships.

"Why do you have a mentality that wealthy people are not happy in their relationships, if you suffering in your poor relationship don't think wealthy people are suffering, treat your woman right."

The morning conversation was inspired by Nigeria's remedy of taking care of a woman which involves giving her money and if you don't have money you should borrow so as to give her money.

A caller didn't want to be left out of the conversation and decided to tell the duo his views. This is what he said:

"Lemme tell you people something, ukitoka kwa mungu the next thing ni pesa, were kama huwezi provide for huyo msichana vile babake anaprovide enda ukuwe servant, acha kutesa mtoto wa mtu yeye ndio anaprovide kila kitu."

A caller added :

"Serious women need care, attention, sincerity, honesty what is that... there's a poor man proverb that rich people are not happy. Wanawake wenzenu wakitengeza pesa nyinyi mnafanya nini? tokeni mtengeze pesa no one anataka mtu hna pesa."

Some callers got emotional and felt offended and said that women should stay with their fathers.

"Acheni kutustress what do you mean I provide for you the same way your father did, enda ukaishi na babayako achana na sisi hamtatutesa."

Some listeners didn't want to be left out of the conversation and tweeted their views, below are some of the tweets.

Jennifer Kanyiri@jennykanyiri -Dating needs money to cater even for those bills so as a man looking for money coz you can't date a lady and expect her to be paying for everything in that dating period and beyond, a broke man akae kwake ama kwa mamake awachane na ladies #MainaAndKingangi

Ellikins Llama@EllikinsL69344#MainaAndKingangi -for real dating bila pesaaa ni kaa kununua shamba yenye haina tittle deed mainaaa That gender itakupea pressure buree so utafute Doo uskie utamu ya kufwatwa na you have a chance to select Kama venye wanatuselect Kama uko na pesaaa

GOVERNOR~KAHUHO@GOVERNORKAHUHO1 -Avoid dating if you are still struggling to be financially independent Women are not an asset but rather a liability to a man If you're broke you will get frustrated and depressed in the dating market Focus on your financial prosperity first..!!! #MainaAndKingangi

Soldier Wa Mundoro@Solderwamundoro Attract her with money and you'll lose both the money and her. Attract her with your mindset and personality, and she'll be yours forever#MainaAndKingangi@ItsMainaKageni

Johntey Suzzie Boy (Hustler001)@BoySuzzie -Nimekuja kurealize pesa ni kila kitu kwa hizi nowadays relationships,usipokua na pesa yako u will be slave to that your mfantastic wako#MainaAndKingangi

EJ Kirimi (top crymh)@topcrymh#MainaAndKingangi -Let me ask you maina who told you ...nimeskia ukiuliza who told you that matajiri are not happy. Who told you hakuna mapenzi bila pesa if it didn't work for you what makes you think it doesn't work for others? Who told you?

The duo finished by concluding that one can't date without having money, there's a sweet feeling to having money and a woman feeling pampered by their men.

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