Nadia Mukami has the cutest reason for wanting another child

• Recently, the 26-year-old musician admitted that she is frightened about the rapid development of her son.

Nadia Mukami with her son
Image: Instagram

Kenyan music queen Nadia Mukami has opened up about her desire to have another child-about a year and a half after being blessed with her first child, Haseeb Kai.

In a post on Saturday, Nadia shared beautiful photos showing her with Kai who has grown so much with both showing off huge smiles.

In the explanation section, she revealed that however, the one-year-old boy has started to feel bored at home, which has given her the idea of ​​having another child.

"Naskia kuongeza mwingine ❤️😩 Kai ameanza kuboeka 😁😂This Love 💕 @haseebkai,” Nadia wrote on Instagram.

Recently, the 26-year-old musician admitted that she is shocked by the rapid development of his son.  On her Instagram page, she posted photos of Kai and noted that the boy is growing bigger every day.

"I'm afraid that he's growing up and soon he'll say mom please knock or even say mom stop (kissing) you're embarrassing me," Nadia sadly noted.

The mother of one added that hearing such demands from her son would make her so emotional that she cries. At the same time, she also hinted at the very close and strong relationship between her and Kai.

"I am overwhelmed with love!! If I ever judged Mama's Boy please. Forgive me! Now I know better!!," she said.

Nadia Mukami and her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy welcomed their son Haseeb Kai into the world in March last year.

"24.03.2022 we have received the best gift Haseeb Kai. Welcome to our world," Arrow Bwoy announced through his Instagram page.

The couple had previously miscarried what would have been their first child.

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