Internet in-laws mad after the Nairofey-Yeforian reunion


β€’ The two are back together after a controversial break-up.

β€’ They reunited after a few months apart.

Nairofey and Yeforian
Image: Instagram

Nairofey, Esther Muthoni Nyambura, and Yeforian,, Duncan shared a video of them together at the airport on their Instagram pages, Nairofey going to pick him up.

They tied the knot in a private ceremony in August 2022, just a day after Nairofey's birthday, and later in January Nairofey removed and abandoned her ring.

During their break-up era, they used to post videos of them sending each other cryptic messages, bashing and throwing shades at each other.

Esther also revealed how he hacked her Gmail account controlled her YouTube channel and earned through it.

Many social media in-laws supported Nairofey after she posted a video on her YouTube channel crying and saying how Yeforian was a narcissist. 

Some even stated a divorce petition voting that Nairofey should get a divorce from Duncan.

The rollercoaster journey of their relationship left fans stunned after the break-up scandal and now that they are back together.

Here are some of the reactions from the Internet in-laws;

i vlog@diariesofpinky: Nairofey. After all the bashing ??? Enyewe being delulu. The problem ata sio getting back together, the problem is bashing each other online alafu mkirudiana mnapost one body part at a time because of shame.

SLY@NyarkoseleSly: So Nairofey had broken up with the hubby and even cried tiyas on Social Media and her followers cried with her. Sasa wamerudiana tena I see people saying awarudishie machozi na zile motivational quotes walikuwa wakimskumia pale DM. . Mnakuanga na kiherehere sana aisee!

Miss wachira.@Misswachira1: After all that drama and circus we saw with Nairofey and the bf,they back together,sisi wambea ndo waongo sasa.

Flora-thura: You said all this evil things about each other and you’re happily back together πŸ€”All the best but mimi hata tukosane na mpoa wangu I will never say anything bad about him,.πŸ€—.

Alice_njoki_: I see another one coming πŸ˜‚ I think she is back with a mission πŸ˜‚ lakini you will all say am hating πŸ˜‚ lkn as long as it's real she deserves the best πŸ’–.

elee_global: After breakups, both individuals change but only one changed for the better... Question is, who has come to finish the other one off? πŸ˜‚ only time will tell. None of my business.

Angelwhitea: Na sasa ile Divorce ilifanyika kweli?also the prenup what happens to it?and your YT channel and emails were they returned?Is he still a scum who cannot afford your lifestyle?I have so many questions yaani this lady from the streets yaani all those bad things you said about each other zinamelt kweli??

its_tsambi: Second anniversary meaning hamkuachana 😒and the way I crode that dayπŸ˜ͺ.

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