The Wajesus fires back at netizens calling them 'The wajudas family'

  • Milly and Kabi are featured in a reality show Oh sisters.
  • The two are also content creators and have a YouTube channel together.
The Wajesus family
Image: Instagram

The Wajesus family has been on the spot after fans alleged they were producing sexual content on their YouTube channel.

Due to the content that the fans are claiming to be sexual, they changed their names from the Wajesus family to the Wajudas family.

Kabi says that people don't understand the covenant that they made with God and he doesn't understand what being sexual means.

He also points out that he is married and he rather show people him kissing his wife, showing that he loves her than what people are watching out there.

"I'd rather show a couple that is legally married kissing than kuwatch izo vitu watu wanawatch uko nje. Mimi heri niwaonyeshe nikikiss bibi yangu, niwaonyeshe nampenda."

He says this in an interview with Kalondu, a Mpasho news journalist at the Medigah London hair app launch after she asked,

               "Pale social media watu wanasema, the name is not Wajesus anymore because of the content. It's becoming sexual."

Kabi answered, "I would say that because they didn't give us the name, they don't understand the history. you don't understand the covenant we made with God. When I was born again I asked God; 'How can you write a story of a Christian or a believer in the 21st century.' We are living in the world we are not in the world."

He clearly states that people don't know them well enough to even change their name.

Milly answered the same by starting with a question, "First of all what is Godly content?"

She continued by saying, "As much as we are Christians we are content creators who are entertainers and sometimes we will do skits just to entertain people to make people laugh."

"In the context of marriage and coupling, and relationship there is so much that happens, and sometimes whatever happens might not look good according to Christians, but it's part of life," She concluded. 

They also revealed that the arguments that we see in the reality show they are featured in are only for the camera, they don't do it as much as it is happening on camera.

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