Burna was challenged to taste and identify different varieities of rice

Burna Boy disses Kenya with low quality rice remarks

• He took part in a food tasting challenge

• He guessed one of them was Kenyan rice, but informed it was Ghanaian

Burna Boy
Image: Instagram

Burna Boy is a Nigerian man who is very particular when it comes to his rice.

The singer was interviewed with Complex US about a variety of issues and in one segment asked to taste four different varieties of rice, while guessing the country each rice plate originated from.

The challenge involved tasting and identifying different varieties of jollof rice from various African countries.

Jollof rice, a well-known West African dish, often sparks debates about which nation prepares it the best.The presenter tells him

"There are four different types of jollof rice and I wanna see if you're able to tell which one is the Jollof"

Burna Boy jumps in with his conclusion

"There can only be one king " He claims as he tries the first plate

"It's alright, this is either like somewhere from Senegal "The presenter agrees and tells him he is right.

Burna tries the second plate of rice and gives it a thought 'Looking good and better than the first one" says the resetter and Burna breaks out in laughter saying

"This is Nigerian Jollof rice"

The Nigerian Afrobeats star tried the third plate handed to him and could not identify the country that made it.His facial expression tells us that he doesn't seem to like it "Aa ya ya" he shows disgust.

He had encountered low-quality rice.

"I do think anywhere makes Jollof like this. I think this may be a mistake. If Kenya made jollof, this would be their jollof. " he laughed telling the interviewer.

Unfortunately, Burna's guess was wrong. He is informed that what he had just tasted and concluded was terrible Kenyan-made rice was actually from Ghana.

When he was told it was Ghanaian jollof, Burna was surprised and told Complex Ghanaian jollof tasted and looked way better than what they had served him.

"They didn't even get it right. How can you not get Ghana jollof rice? Ghana Jollof is way better than this.

Even if Ghana jollof is at the bottom of my list, it is a lot better than this" he gestures.

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