Furious Vera reacts to Shakilla's demand that she retires

• She had told the mom of 2 to focus on breastfeeding.

Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Shakilla Tiffany has a lot to say about the re-entry of Vera Sidika to the socialite life after giving birth to two children.

Vera recently traveled to Dubai where she announced that her haters should watch out because she is back.

But Shakilla speaking to Mpasho, told Vera to retire. Shakilla told Mpasho's Dennis Milimo that Vera is old and should give way to younger Kenyan girls to rule the streets.

"Oh hell no, Vera is a mother right now, she shouldn't be comparing herself to people like us. Girl settle down, breastfeed your kids, we don't need you in the streets, you are done."

Adding, "Vera is a mother right now, she should not be comparing herself to people like us right now. Girl settle down, your time is up, like you are done," Shakilla indicated with her hands.

Shakilla even questioned Vera's age, "Imagine I'm 20. Compare 20 with 33, My nyash is young, I can go."

Vera responded to Shakilla about the nyash, on Friday night.

"The old nyash you bashing in public inspires you in my comment section," she alleged.

Shakilla made the controversial comments on Thursday night at a beauty product launch.

She addressed the matter of liking Nigerian men as compared to Kenyan men.

Bashing Kenyan men for their stinginess, Shakilla lamented that Kenyan men are not good in bed either and are broke. She prefers Nigerian men who are romantic and spend money on women.

She also agreed with Kenyans that she is a gold digger, and said that that that is how she lives her life.

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