Singer Yemi Alade involved in an accident while in Spain

• Speaking about the incident, Mama Africa said the accident happened at midnight

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

Nigerian star Yemi Alade escaped unhurt after being involved in a car accident while on tour in Spain.

The 'Johnny' hitmaker and her left the scene unhurt. Speaking about the incident, Mama Africa said the accident happened at midnight. 

“I also experienced a minor medical emergency from exhaustion after performing on stage seven hours after the incident on the same day .and somehow, I ended up at the “after party”(leave me o. my mind needed positive vibrations)"

“Life is for the living… I didn’t want to put this out, but the devil had other plans, but my Jehovah Jireh said NO!" She added;

"THE blood of Jesus spoke for us. I only lost a nail, it all happened suddenly. Nothing is too sudden or complicated for God. His Grace is more than sufficient.”

In an Instagram post, Alade thanked her fans for their prayers and support.

"Hey 😊, Thank you for your messages and calls at this time. My team and I are safe and unharmed. You all are so kind. Stay safe out there ❤️"

Meanwhile, Alade is back with a brand new hit record - “Fear Love” - a groovy and Afro-fusion track - out today! Written by Yemi Alade alongside Kunmi and produced by Hulla; “Fear Love” is a groovy and easy listen with addictive percussion influences adding to a rich musical experience. 

The lyrics and melodies to this song ring a bell for many. Insecurity shows up in different forms like when you find someone to show deep affection for. The new single takes on such moments when you develop feelings for someone or experience love but remain cautious - safeguarding your heart.

The lead single of Yemi’s upcoming seventh body of work is set for release in the last quarter of 2023. She shares more, “My upcoming album is a representation of my thoughts, needs, experiences, stories, ideas, and my desire to connect with every listener on each song. Every song is potent with stories.” 

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