Sonko's daughter surprise winner at Kenya Influencer Awards

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

•Thicky Sandra wins the biggest award in the first edition of the Kenyan Influencers award 2023.

Kenya Influential Award
Image: intagram

For the first time in Kenyan history, Sarit Expo Center hosted the first edition of the Kenyan Influencer Awards. The event took place on Saturday the 19th of August.

It was attended by some of the most influential personnel in Kenya ranging from business influencers, actors, models, and musicians to even media personalities.

Below are some of the  award winners and the categories they won :

Business influencer of the year-Thicky Sandra.

Inspirational influencer of the year- Babushka. 

News influencer of the year- Silva Kido.

Male actor of the year- Jayden Fabio.

Violin influencer of the year- Gibbson.

Male media personality of the year- Billy Miya.

Female dancer influencer of the year - Victoria Wendo.

TikTok influencers of the year -Maina Mal and Kelly Mouse.

Male and Female model of the year - Kate Thukuke and Kenyan Romeo.

Photographer of the year - Kenan Moses.

Beauty personnel of the year- Sapreenah

Arts influencer of the year- Chell De Magician.

The winners showed their gratitude online and thanked their fans for their continuous support and for voting for them.

Although most people congratulated the winners, some Kenyans had different opinions on who should have won the various awards and who shouldn't.

Some fans went all the way to even show their disappointment terming the voting process as unfair and a big scam.

Below are some of the comments posted online.

 @bwtx84-Why would you guys gift Sandra mtoto wa Sonko yet there are other amazing Content creators who are hustling. Shame 😔 for sure 🤦low are some of the comments from some fans.

@Kimbirech Hats off to that gentleman in frame 6 who went down to level up with @babushkakenya whilst taking a pic with

@sterleywiseNot everyone is clapping for your progress or achievements, simply avoid the -ve energy. Embrace appreciating n applauding others.

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