Elsa and Kenyan actresses Kate and Idah Alisha had a bonding moment

Unafraid Elsa Majimbo parties with Kate Actress and Idah Alisha

• The content creator has been criticized for her choice of clothes the past week.

idah alisha and elsa majimbo courtesy instagram
idah alisha and elsa majimbo courtesy instagram

Elsa Majimbo has declared her outfits as a 'closet from heaven'. In what may be a shot at the backlash over her style, Elsa on Saturday, August 19, shared two photos with another two-piece outfit, as she declared, "Long legs, pretty face and a closet from heaven. What more can a girl want ?" on her Twitter account.

The Kenyan American-based digital content creator appears to have heard criticism about her choice of clothes.

For her Saturday plans, Elsa hangout with Kenyan actresses Idah Alish and Kate Actress as they appeared to have fun.

Elsa wore a black two-piece outfit, comprising a black bra top and a small skirt. She wore house slippers. Idah wore a red and white off-shoulder dress and Kate, three-piece trousers.

They were sitting outside by a pool that looked like a private residence, sipping on their beverage of choice.

"We are our ancestors’ dreams realized-~perez~" captioned Idah.

Idah also posed with Kenyan American-based actor Raymond Watanga.

One fan wanted to comment about Elsa being a trendsetter but held her tongue back because she said she is boyz with Idah. Idah agreed and told her to keep her thoughts to herself.

Idah replied, "Na mnakuwanga na ujinga sana maboyzz!! nawapenda lakini nawaonea 18’ … manugu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣"

On August 13, Elsa and Singer Kelly Rowland shared a photo opportunity that got Kenyans talking. She partied with Kelly Rowland and other A-listers at the Black Excellence Brunch in Los Angeles.

The Kenyan's white outfit was of particular interest more than the American celebrity she was with. She was judged for wearing something too ridiculous.

Elsa didn't publicly address the criticism. She does modeling work for upscale fashion houses. perhaps the reason for her fashion sense, and has a short documentary about her.

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