Maureen Waititu- How I overcame abandonment issues

• She advised people to have uncomfortable conversations in relationships.

Maureen Waititu
Image: Instagram/Maureen Waititu

Content creator Maureen Waititu has shared how she dealt with abandonment issues.

Abandonment issues are a form of anxiety that occurs when an individual has a strong fear of losing loved ones.

People with abandonment issues can have difficulties in relationships. They may exhibit symptoms such as codependency, clinginess, or manipulative behavior.

In an interview with Dr Kingori she shared

"I had abandonment issues and when someone was leaving me I would cling to them.

I did not know it was a bad thing. When I got a chance to learn what my issues were I 

Abandonment issues start from as a kid, sometimes people bring those issues even into adulthood.

I went to a therapist. There are times you question why you attract certain people."

Waitittu further shared the qualities she would want in a man.

"I want a friend, someone who would know me beyond my face."

Her advise to people in relationships?

"Take time to know a person, where he/she is from.

Have uncomfortable conversations eg finances.

We sometimes avoid this questions and they come to haunt us."

The mother of two says she did not enjoy her 20's as she was busy taking care of her sons.

"Well, I love my sons so much. I got my first one when I was in school. Looking back sometimes I'm like if I knew what I know, and I didn't have them, there's a high chance I wouldn't have children. Wueh cost of living, then to know co-parenting, and a compatible partner. It takes a lot but well here we are."

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