Former Tahidi high actresses and best friends Jackie Matubia and Mercy Njoki aka Izareeh are hanging out alot

Jackie Matubia pens interesting message about single moms

• Jackie posted the message after hanging out with bestie Izareeh.

Jackie Matubia with Izareeh.
Image: Instagram

Besties Jackie Matubia and Mercy Njoki aka Izareeh have been hanging out a lot lately. The two formed a friendship years ago as actresses in Tahidi High where they also met their then respective baby daddies.

They have been serving friendship goals lately and it's nice to see them back together. In their latest hangout, the two friends toast the effort that single mums put into raising their children alone.

They both posted the videos on their respective social media, drawing interesting comments from their fans and followers. They dance and click glasses saying,

"To the women working hard and raising their children all by themselves cheers you are worth it!!!"

Singer Bahati certainly took note of it and weighed in saying, "You two...Aki na Ukwa 🙂😄" as Izareeh reacted laughing, "@bahatikenya 🤣🤣🤣 selee."

Recently, Izareeh has been manifesting positivity and kindness in her life and was just on a trip abroad, which she touched on.

"Embracing my happy girl era: where smiles are endless, laughter is contagious, and positivity is my superpower.

So Lost in the beauty of Seychelles, where every moment feels like part of my happy girl era. Sun, sea, and smiles – living life to the fullest!"

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