Details of the huge salaries John-Allan Namu earned at KTN and NTV

• The media veteran became a big name for his investigative journalism in the 2010s.

John-Allan Namu
Image: Instagram

Award-winning investigative journalist, John-Allan Namu has done something most Kenyan celebrities have never ever done.

The father of 4 has disclosed all the different salaries that he earned during his career on television during an interview on the Financially Incorrect show.

The muscular journalist who made his name on the famous Inside Story and Jicho Pevu investigative series explained that his first salary as a KTN reporter was around Ksh35,000 in 2005 and went up to Ksh160,000 before he left for NTV in 2010.

But things would get even better for him as he was then offered Ksh245,000 by NTV as a features editor and reporter.

"I was getting married and we had a child with another on the way. That money made sense and that was part of the reason why I left. I stayed there (Nation) for two to three years and got one salary raise and a bonus," he explained.

But Namu would return to his former nurturing ground of KTN, where he earned close to Ksh400,000 and an eye-watering clothing allowance of Ksh100,000. 

"That really helped me to save more, and with the types of schools that I enrolled my children at. It did change how I lived," Namu.

And how was he able to consistently get constant salary raises? The handsome industry legend attributed it to a strong work ethic, a desire to create value while also going the extra mile as an intern.

Namu resigned from KTN in 2015, later co-founding African Uncensored. He stated at the time of his leaving KTN that,

"...mainstream environment is just evolving smaller and smaller, and that has to be expressed! We occasionally editorialize when we shouldn't, which is not what investigative journalism is about. You have to have the freedom to speak your stories," he remarked on NTV's The Trend show

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