Vijana Barubaru features Shad Mziki in their new jam 'Katunge'

• 'Katunge' shows the struggles men go through to support their women only for them to be left in the desert.

Vijana Barubaru

Kenyan sensational duo Vijana Barubaru has once again released a new jam that is gonna keep their fans on their toes.

The new jam 'Katunge' features Shad Mziki.

"Katunge," tells the story of a village girl who had a child with her supportive boyfriend.

They had dreams to marry each other at some point.

She passes her exams and qualifies to join the university in the city.

Wanting to support his bae 'Katunge's boyfriend sells a cow to help her achieve her dreams to acquire higher education.

He however remains behind to bring up the child they sired.

This is a community project with elders blessing Katunge as they have high hopes for her succeeding in life after her studies.

The song is a lamentation by the boyfriend, since Katunge joined bad company and went MIA, once she joined campus.

'Katunge' shows the struggles men go through to support their women only for them to be left in the desert.

This is a depiction of the current generation where a man's worth is based on what he can provide.

Long gone are the days when the couple's struggled together.

The song is now available on YouTube and all streaming platformsThe audio is produced by Ihaji Made It and the Video is directed by Rahim TheFilm King.

Katunge is a girl’s name in the Kenyan Akamba Bantu tribe. This song tells the story of a girl, Katunge, that leaves her village with the help of her village people to go and seek higher education in the city. She, unfortunately, has never come back. Her failure to return is under unknown circumstances. The persona asks in the song, “Katunge, where did you go?”, in the Akamba language. It is a sad story of lost love and a longing for the love to be rekindled. Written and Performed by: Vijana Barubaru & Shad Mziki Audio Produced by: Ihaji Made It & 2lu 43va Mixed & Mastered by: Ihaji Made It Video by: Rahim The Filming King Stream more of Vijana Barubaru's works on Spotify

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