Kwambox commends DJ Faxto for forgiving his accusers

Dj Fatxo recently arrived in the country from the US and spoke to the press about his stay there

Kwambox and Chito
Kwambox and Chito
Image: Kiss FM

After his US trip, Dj Fatxo arrived in the country and spoke to the press about his stay there. He said he had forgiven people who had accused him of being involved in the murder of Jeff Mwathi.

Kiss FM presenter Kwambox has commended him of having the heart of forgiveness.

"It reminded me of Jesus' forgiveness, to forgive 70 times 77," she said 

She added "There were so many people, he forgave so many people."

Her fellow presenter Chito Ndhlovu added;

"When you learn to forgive people who've heart you, you're free. You just move. I looked at this guy and I was like, this guy is closest to Jesus."

Narrating how hard it is for her to forgive others easily, she shared a story of a car that had overtaken her recently,

"The other day I found myself in Kitengela, I was not headed to Kitengela. I was supposed to branch over at Uhuru highway but this guy overtook me and I raced with him to Kitengela. Its not easy to forgive people."

Meanwhile, Fatxo had alleged that people had tried taking him down as his career was on the peak.

"This is not the first time I am being fought. This is not a normal fight. When I got into the industry I hit and people started saying I am not the one who writes my songs. Someone is now saying I am gay and that my car was bought by a businessman from Mwea."

"Let the people who want to ruin my name be consistent with their lies, people are not stupid."

I am very spiritual."

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