Nairofey reacts to fan backlash with curious statement

• The content creator has been under fire over reports that she's back together with her estranged ex-husband.

Image: Instagram

Creator of digital content Esther Muthoni Nyambura, also known online by the handle Nairofey, has responded to remarks on her social media accounts.

This comes after she shared a picture of herself at the Dubai Marina, which caused some admirers to believe she and her ex-husband Yeforian had rekindled their relationship.

The YouTube video creator has taken to her social media accounts in response to the harsh online criticism she has been receiving saying that people should learn to mind their own business.

Since her estranged ex-husband Yeforian had earlier this year announced that he was in Dubai and was about to reveal his new fiancée to the world, internet users had a varied reaction to the same.

Comments such as the ones sampled below, calling her out and demanding an explanation made Nairofey go on an outburst claiming that it was all a ruse to get people talking.

_shantel._:Nimechoka kukutetea sasa

liz_mithamo: We cried with you, we subscribed like craazy. If anything, gal we need explanation 😮...

mitchytherose: Mambo za watu wawili musiwahi ingilia ona sasa kinaturamba😂😂😂

stlnyi123: Waah you went back to this dude waah

Asserting that the influencers knew what they were doing, Nairofey resorted to her tales to ask the public not to place too much stock in what they posted.

She continued, quoting, "Audacity must be on sale this year..." under a video showing her frolicking through the streets of Dubai, seemingly in response to the persistent rumours.

She posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat in which she was asking an alias for advice on which picture to publish next on her Instagram stories.

Captioning the screen grab she stated, “Advice to our dearest viewers...Do not be too invested in someone’s Instagram. We know exactly what we are doing… and your reaction is exactly what we wanted and expected."

She went on to add;

"Before typing a paragraph remember that and save yourself the zero work,” her caption read.

She concluded the subsequent tale by urging followers to wait for more content because they have a lot in store for them.

It says, "Na mtulie, premium content loading this month." she finished.

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