Cassypool storms out of Radio Jambo interview after seeing nemesis Madocho

• Drama as Cassypool storms out of Radio Jambo interview as Massawe tries to reconcile him with Madocho

• The vocal politician warned the radio host before deciding to leave the show abruptly. 

Massawe Japanni, Madocho and Cassypool
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Former Presidential Candidate Kevin Onyango aka Cassypool on Wednesday stormed out of Radio Jambo’s studio after Massawe Japanni tried to reconcile him with his nemesis Madocho aka Sheng President.

An aggravated Cassypool made it clear that there is nowhere he was going to have a conversation with someone who had disrespected him on so many levels.

The vocal politician warned the radio host before deciding to leave the show abruptly. 

“I respect you so much but please don’t bring this guy here… you know what you did to me and by the way I’m going to leave the studio right now,” Cassypool said.

Massawe interjected begging the politician to reconcile with Madocho but he could hear none of that.

“I ask you to talk to him,” Massawe said. Cassypool quickly replied’ “There is nothing there for me to talk about with Madocho,”,

As the situation was escalating, Madocho joined the conversation saying; “He is the President and I’m also the Sheng president so we can talk it out,”.

After a short while Cassypool informed Massawe that he is a well respected person in the society and therefore he could not entertain Madocho.

“Madocho disrespected me and please never bring him to the show together with me ever again. Madocho and I are very big enemies and he always believes that he controls the Ghetto which is not the case. He even sends youths to threaten me not to step in his territory and I will go there,” Cassypool said as he left the Radio Jambo studios abruptly.

As that is not enough Madocho tried to calm him down but the former Presidential aspirant walked away.

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