Why Crazy Kennar's ex-crew Yvonne Khisa is trending

• Yvonne recently part ways with Krazy Kennar.

With his female comedy trio, Bushra Sakshi, Yvonne Khisa and Wanjiru Shiro
Crazy Kennar With his female comedy trio, Bushra Sakshi, Yvonne Khisa and Wanjiru Shiro
Image: Instagram

Yvonne Khisa has been trending for weeks, but as of today she is currently trending on Twitter.

This was after a video of her skit, for the first time since she left Kennar's fold went viral.

Many termed it as 'Not funny'.

Below is the video

The video has elicited mixed reactions with a majority being negative.

@WanjikuHSC: The biggest mistake Crazy Kennar committed in his content production career is letting Yvonne Khisa go. This lady is mad talented. Kenyan content creators should learn from their Nigerian brothers and sisters like Sabinus and Broda Shaggy. You keep your day ones through the fame

@edgarwabwire_: You'll get her being told how funny this is on Instagram. Hapa hata unilipe mia mbili siwezi cheka!

@ManlikebillyG: Hii labda tunuse laughing gas ndio tucheke

@Tatizotatizo: So tunaanza kucheka sangapi?

@AfyaCentreCrew: Hii ata nichapwe kucheka ngumu.

@BonfaceMwangi_: Ni kama Imekataa kunasa.

@_Mwangi_:These people were all depending and misusing Kennar.

@Mr_peace_ke: I believe you can be one of the best female contact creators Yvonne. Keep pushing, no time for negativity.

@Peterr_Grifffin: Enyewe tuambiane ukweli, Kenna ndio alibeba hii mbogi. There is nothing funny here for real.

@lepavara: She is good. Let's learn to promote our own she has to move on from the chains of Crazy kenner,all I see is someone who has grown up and ready to move out of her comfort zone to hustle on her own, remember people continue to say Njugush was and he will never be funny.

@UnquestioningM: It's so painful to have great content but zero packaging skills. Khisa, it feels that you rushed to keep up with the trend on this subject, but sadly, it turned out you did the obvious. I don't want to recommend your exit from the laughing industry, but you really need to rethink.

@thee_mwago: Kwani ulilazimishwa kufikiria? please tell me you're the one who recorded the video. bc I can't imagine the torture that the camera man went through

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