Bahati: My biggest fear is Diana Marua finding me cheating

• The reason for his fear was what she would do to him in that scenario.

Bahati and Diana Marua
Image: Instagram

Musician Bahati Kioko has revealed that his biggest fear in life is his wife Diana Marua finding him in bed with another woman.

Bahati revealed this in a game he was doing with his wife Diana through his YouTube channel. The couple played a game of 'Truth or Dare' where the first question was to the 'Mama' singer.

Diana asked Bahati what his biggest fear of being in a romantic relationship with her was.

"My biggest fear is... you know that you are as angry as a Mkisii, I am afraid that one day you will find me sharing love with another woman... I do not mean that one day I have the idea of ​​betraying you physically, it is just a fear and I have done it to answer your question."

Bahati defended himself in front of his wife who seemed to be in surprise about his answer which by all indications, was not expected from her beloved husband.

He explained that his biggest fear was based on the fact that were she to find him, she would kill him, something Marua admitted is the only thing that will be on her mind were she to find out.

Diana went further to ask Bahati when he expects to do act on his biggest so that she can make plans to find him and deal with him.

"When a man has decided to speak, it tells you what is in his heart. Do what you want to do," Diana warned Bahati.

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