Nlichoka!! Bahati reveals why he quit doing gospel music

• Bahati has been shaking the industry with his secular songs.

• He joins a list of gospel artists who switched and joined the secular gang.

Diana Marua and Bahati.
Image: Instagram/Diana Marua

When musician Bahati shifted to secular music many castigated him.

He was lashed at by many for 'backsliding'.

During a recent segment on Diana Marua's You Tube Chennel, He finally shared why he quit gospel.

"I hate people who behave like holier than though. That is one of the things that made me from the Gospel industry.

I have even lashed out at some artistes for judging others. You feel like a small 'god'. "

Bahati says he learned his lesson during a time his late brother was battling alcoholism, he was also diagnosed with Diabetes.

"I thought because I was a christian who fasted and  sang in church I was perfect.

I even cut him off. I did not want to be  associated with him. We go wrong because we over judge people.

By the time I wanted to make up , it was too late."

Bahati shared details of how his brother died.

Charles died at Mbagathi hospital after battling Diabetes."

Bahati says their mum dying while they were still young pushed the brothers to start hustling early. Life's pressure led Charles to immerse himself in alcohol.

"My mum passed away while we were in Mathare.

When my mum passed. We were trying to survive.

By the time we came to Nairobi, my brother started hustling and because of the pressure, he sought solace in alcohol.

He died at age 22. Trying to earn a living was hard on him. He was diagnosed with Diabetes."

Bahati says despite the diagnosis his brother continued to drink.


"My brother and I would fight a lot as he would still drink even after being diagnosed with Diabetes. I failed as a Christian because I used to judge him.

I wrote him off as a brother because I felt he was not living the life I would want.

I forgot that by loving this person I would bring healing and make them understand that alcohol can't solve things.

Maybe he drank because he felt like I was not supportive enough. By the time I started bonding with my brother and understanding we all need love, it was too late.

His health had deteriorated, he underwent surgery and after that, the bleeding never stopped."


"I have never been a friend of alcohol. I hate people that drink excessively."

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