Maureen Waititu recalls events after her breakup that changed her life

Maureen Waititu announces she is finally co-parenting with Frankie Just Gym It

• Maureen was clinically diagnosed  with Depression after her breakup with Frankie and admitted that  she was suicidal at some point. 

• The mother of two admitted this in a sit down with YouTuber Lynn Ngugi where she announced she is happy they have found a way out of parenting their two boys.

Maureen Waititu
Image: Instagram/Maureen Waititu

Businesswoman Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It have been quietly co-parenting after finding a solution to their impasse.

The mother of two admitted this in a sit down with YouTuber Lynn Ngugi where she announced she is happy they have found a way out of parenting their two boys.

"It's good. It's very new to us. We recently started co-parenting, and I dont know whether it is my place to say it is. We have been very careful not to make it about us, so we have been out there talking about it, but yes, we are co-parenting"

They have two boys named Kai and Lexi.

"The kids are happy to have their dad. I'm happy to see them with their dad, and the worst is behind" she shared with Ngugi.

It's been almost 5 years since Maureen Waititu trended following her bitter breakup with her baby daddy.

The mother of two is opening up about events that followed that breakup that defined her journey into rebuilding her life.

In a 2 hour sit down, the content creator talked about cyberbullying that almost made her decide to leave social media.

"Whenever you are going through such a scenario, two things I did, sticking to my truth and really not fighting because these fights are not physical, they are spiritual. There was nothing normal about what I was going through"

However some events and specific family and friends were her saving light.

"There were incidences that happened post-breakup" She talked specifically about 2019

"Hee when God decides to send a message he will even use your most painful moments to do that, this is the year that made me who I am and the bigger message is being sent through whatever I went through. Nobody should make the mistake of thinking it's a woiyee story. It's life, life happens and we are here to see another day" Maureen assured.

Maureen Waititu
Image: courtesy

Her health was suffering, she was suicidal, and having to leave behind her home. She had to seek psychiatric help

"We are here still thriving. I have not had time to properly reflect and loudly consistently talk about my journey"

Her baby daddy was said to have been in another relationship, and his current was pregnant.

"My union or whatever we had that time came to a painful end because when you are in that state you are not thinking about anything else, like that in two years I will walk out. "

She said the abruptness of being alone and the events that followed is what broke her, not the actual breakup.

"Coz I was like wooh okay and they were very triggering and I slipped into a very bad depression. She was diagnosed with "it was so bad I was actually suicidal I thought about it many times."

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