Entertained Kenyans react to Andrew Kibe vs Mike Sonko's all-out online war

• The two online personalities are known to never give an inch in their battles and so this might go on for some time.

Andrew Kibe
Image: Instagram

When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. That's what I believe is happening at the moment between Andrew Kibe and Mike Sonko.

Yep, the two internet heavyweights are going at it at the moment after Kibe attacked the former Nairobi governor in one of his controversial segments on his show.

The former Kiss100 host criticised Sonko for being a person who promotes Western luxury products without leaving his own legacy creations that will be remembered long after he is dead.

That wasn't all, the US-based YouTuber also wondered aloud how the governor sustains himself.

Kibe's opinion wasn't taken lightly by the fiery politician who came out to call out Kenya's biggest social provocateur telling him to mind his business.

His response was a full-on assault that featured many insults that I can't publish here as they are very incendiary in nature while also quizzing how Kibe had made his money while in the US.

Mike Sonko
Image: Instagram

The back and forth attracted the attention of most Kenyans who loved the vitriol being spilled between the two.

To say that there were very few peacemakers in the comment section would be an accurate summation of the responses by many entertained Kenyans.

Check out some of the reactions below;

Pierré Kundi@PierreKundi· Now this is showbiz. Kaende sana!

The Diplomat @adesh_duba· Kibee ni moto kama pasi . Safi sana you keeping pushing our Kenyan celebs because you want them to go higher.But Sonko is a good man, ako tu sawa. He is a brand himself. Hiyo jina sonko yenyewe is more worthy than gucci,balenciaga & Nike combined! Kibee I like your content man.

mwAki@Mwakisakenyi_·Kibe 10 and Sonko at the receiving end 2. Let’s go!

Whatever happens, this will not end anytime soon as the two combatants don't have any qualms about fighting online.

Let's see how this new war that Kibe has instigated goes down. You can be sure we will be here to update you.

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