‘Why do flowers have such a positive impact on women?’ Curious Nameless wonders


• Another said that the most important thing for men is to satisfy them in their physical desires, including making sure the stomach is full and the testicles are left empty.

Nameless and Wahu Kagwi
Image: Instagram

Veteran artist, Nameless, has challenged women to find out what brings a positive effect on men, just as men know that flowers have a positive effect on women.

The artist discovered the importance of gifting flowers to women after he took his time and made flowers for his mother.

The singer uploaded a photo with his mother after receiving a gift of flowers and noticed an unusually broad smile on her face.

"As a man, it wouldn't make sense to me why flowers would have such a positive effect on so many women, but it does!" the father of 3 wrote.

Nameless with his mom
Image: Instagram

He challenged all men to make it a habit at least once to give flowers to the women in their lives, because he said that for you as a man, flowers may be something common but for a woman it is a great sign of love and appreciation.

"So once in a while try to buy flowers for the women in your life. It goes too far...” The artist also challenged the sisters to discover what brings a positive effect on men similar to flowers on women. "Do women know what has a positive effect on most men?" he asked them.

Some commentators said that men are incomprehensible people, one saying that you can do everything to a man but he still turns away. Another said that men are more attracted to satisfying their physical desires.

"We all know what has a positive effect on them....good food, peace at home, and lots of intimacy," Soera Sarona said.

"Respect, Look, Shoes and good food at home," Kyesu Kiema Mutuma wrote.

"For men, make sure your stomach is full," Triza Terry said.

What do you feel you can give to a man and cause a positive impact on his life?

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