Jalang'o's one big regret about Papa Shirandula's death

• Jalas said it was the height of Covid19 and the whole country was in panic.

Papa Shirandula
Papa Shirandula

Lang'ata MP Phelix Odiwuor popularly known as Jalang'o has narrated how he never got to say his goodbye to his friend Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula.

Jalas said it was the height of covid 19 and the whole country was in panic

"I received a call from @burale1 asking me if I had talked to papa, I told him its been a minute then he tells me to try and call him and he hangs up before I ask why, quickly I grab my phone called Papas number, Mama picked and told me she knows why I am calling confirming that Papa had passed on, quickly jumped to the car drove to Karen hospital, most actors had already arrived and the somber mood and the silence of death hit me, you dint have to ask to confirm if the rumors were true," he narrated


I quickly asked where the body was and if there was a chance to view the body @jackyvike told me wamekata wanasema ni covid. After pleading with the officials for hours they told me they will only open the doors of the room where body was for a quick glance without having to go in! He opened the door and papa was all covered and the only thing that convinced me that it was him was the fact that paps was big and you couldn't miss knowing him.

Jalas said he knew there would be well planned burial plans for a man who opened soo many doors for him

"At 2pm we were told that paps was being transferred to Montezuma funeral home, all this time we still think that we have a plan to say a goodbye and most of us are already thinking of how to get permits that will allow a nice sendoff despite of covid regulations."

To his shock, the burial happened so fast.

At midnight we were told the body and family are on their way to Busia!How? No time to ask! Get a flight ticket to Kisumu! We land in Kisumu at 8am and the funeral service is live on citizen Tv! We get a car running to Busia! While on the way the burial is over! We get to Papas home at 10am the grave is already cemented and covered!"

After arrivial for the burial 'late' he and his Nairobi collegaues were given 30 minutes before being asked to go back to the city.

The health officials gave us 30mins to stand by the grave and leave Busia county! We asked why? Watu wa Nairobi wako na Corona! Nobody in the village wants even to come closer!Thats how we never got a chance to say goodbye to Papa! Keep resting! Thank you for everything!

It is now three years since the passing of Papa Shirandula, may he rest in peace.

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