Crazy Kennar is back to content creation after his sabbatical

Crazy Kennar has cute reaction to comments about ‘that NHIF’ boxer

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Kenyans want to know where Crazy Kennar got that NHIF boxer.

crazy kennar returns to content creation July 17
crazy kennar returns to content creation July 17

Crazy Kennar has a cute reaction to all your comments about that viral NHIF boxer he unveiled on Monday, July 17.

The comedian got tongues wagging after he made his triumphant return Monday, July 17 to social media after an absence he explained he was dealing with depression.

His statement about taking a hiatus on content creation was released on July 13. Kennar had been missing from his platforms after a tumultuous time with his team who quit in controversial circumstances.

In his first video of his return, the comedian cryptically took shots at public servants.

In the video we see him entering a house where the carpet is labeled 'corruption-free zone' to indicate the signs on Government Buildings.

He enters his house and shows a number of parastatals which gets Kenyans talking about their experiences being served by the mentioned Government agencies.

It appears he has heard Kenyans' reactions to the video. On Wednesday, July 19, Kennar shared a picture of playing Gold.

He cheekily told Kenyans that he was not wearing that NHIF boxer. "Trust me, I am not wearing it😅" he laughed off KOT comments with emojis.

He also used a video of the late Otieno Kajwang who addresses Kenyans saying, "Get ready, get ready," as he jogs.

Kennar captions it, "Crazy Kennar making the country happy."

crazy kennar reacts to goign viral in funny video
crazy kennar reacts to goign viral in funny video

Here are more comments about his level of creativity as netizens praise his return.

@MartinMKivuva The civil servants whose stuff is not branded like the ones here bought them with the money meant to buy the branded ones or the surplus in the exaggerated prices.

@Terryosia Indeed he nailed it, Kwanza the sheets of KNH and the NHIF boxer was just it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@koila_antonie The nhif boxer then the minutes from cabinet meeting in 1998 really got me🤣🤣🤣🤣

@mwalimuamos254 Boxer ya nhif alitoa wapi

@LLynniano Huyu crazy kennar alipata wapi boxer ya nhif?

@masero_michael Where did he get that NHIF boxer? 😄 

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