Check out Kaveve Kazoze's Ngesh new hairstyle courtesy of Sonko

The rapper was there with the politician's family enjoying her newfound fame

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• She is grateful for all the help she is receiving.

ngesh wa vasha and mike sonko courtesy Sonko Facebook
ngesh wa vasha and mike sonko courtesy Sonko Facebook

Kaveve Kazoze's Ngesh and Manzi wa Kibera were treated to a Mombasa vacation by Sonko. Ngesh wa Vasha has switched her blonde look for a fiery red.

The newest look was courtesy of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who on Friday, July 14, spoiled her with a hair makeover.

This was the second visit she paid to Sonko's home, "Sonkoree, barbershop ya Sonkoree nyumbaniree," he proudly says as he shows around a team of makeup and barbers style the huge group in his house.

Additionally, Manzi wa Kibera who has been hanging out a lot with Ngesh, shared that they would be heading to Mombasa where Sonko owns a huge club.

Ngesh was set for a club appearance and the do-over was much needed. "Home barber shop eish," Manzi wa Kibera captioned about his home display.

Ngesh hopped onto a plane, and told about her excitement, "Naskia fiti maze Nashukuru Sonkoree, maze Governoree for this opportunity big up."

So glad was she for the blessings that her fans praised her for being grateful. A few days earlier, Ngesh and the rest of the Spider Clan members visited Sonko following a special invite.

Sonko gave them designer outfits, and shoes to rock. Sonkoree shared videos where he appeared in a happy mood dishing out the gifts to the Genge star.

He said he has a deal for the genge squad, "I also paid them to perform at Club Volume Mombasa this weekend. I will continue supporting local talents nationwide because most of them rely on their talents for survival," Sonko said.

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