Mike Sonko's steps out in designer loafers worth 84K

Sonko dons spike gold loafers from a classic shoe designer

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.The vocal politician has a wide selection of shoes

.His collection covers all brands and types

mike sonko spike loafers
mike sonko spike loafers

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has almost every shoe type imaginable in his closet.

The extent of his shoe collection is clear whenever he shares his outfit of the day.

He was recently spotted rocking gold spiked Loafers. The shoes have a leather lining and a nonslip insole. The slip-on shoes can be worn without socks.

A similar-looking shoe shows it is a Christian Louboutin shoe that costs 600 dollars.


spike godl shoe
spike godl shoe

On Tuesday, July 11, he provided another quick sneak peek into his closet when he took the Kaveve Kazozoe star Ngesh to his room.

He had invited her and the Spider Clan band members to award them some money and outfits.

Check out some of the comments below

@HukunDabar: Unakuanga na pesa lakini hauna taste of fashion mhesh. Tafuta designer ata kama ni yule wa Riggy G. Am not hating. You are a great man.

@__murathahi: swag ni gani?

@crkinyan: Umevaa viatu za Shetani?

@peshmachariah: Luku iko sawa lakini hizo viatu Mhesh apana😌Zinakaa ki thorn melon ki hedgehog

sonko gifts spider clan shoes and clothes
sonko gifts spider clan shoes and clothes

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