Amber Ray 'Bibi ya Tajiri' wonders why your man is broke

Amber Ray would like to know why you're with a broke man

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Amber loves to refer to herself as bibi ya tajiri

• Rapudo does not mind her statement about being rich

amber ray poses
amber ray poses

Bibi ya Tajiri, aka Amber Ray, has posed a question to her female online followers about tolerating brokenness.

Amber has weighed in on the popular believe from women that say all men are the same. She does not agree.

"Ati All men are the same….Mbona wako hana pesa??🤣 (comments fupi fupi please)" she posed on her Instagram.

The mother of two followed that up with a video of his and her shoe collection that left many with envy.

The shoes are from reputable brands ranging from sneakers to high heels that Amber loves.

On Wednesday, July 12 during a function unveiling Amber as a brand ambassador for an alcoholic drink, her fiancé Kennedy Rapudo heaped praise on the mother of his daughter.

Rapudo recently declared that he will spoil her with a Range Rover. He also bought her several wigs that cost him sh420,000.

The luxurious hair collection stunned netizens who could not fathom spending that much on hair.

"I don’t know who needs to hear this but ….You're not going to build wealth by cutting out minor luxuries. You're not poor because of the milkshake you bought last week; you just need to get your income up," she said on Father's Day.

annmutua1...Usiringie watu na Pesa, pesa huisha....tumeona wengi

magani___'Hawa watu wa hizi vitu ni za dunia nani aliwaambia mtafika binguni?🤔..enjoy life while you still can...2h

wa.nga.ri7...Alisema ningoje deal ziivane😂😂🤡

i_am_afumah_cherry....Tuko kwa gari la moshi tunaenda hustle zetu

iam_carolyne12....Hatukatai hawana pesa ila moyo ndio ushapenda🤣🤣

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