Amber Ray is always right - Rapudo gives secret to his successful marriage

Amber and Rapudo will have a top secret wedding

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.Rapudo told that a woman is always right in a marriage

.HE says its easier to hold this schoo of thought

Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

Businessman Kennedy Rapudo is a man who supports his wife's hustle.

His devotion is because she gives him the much-needed peace and love a man needs.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, Rapudo heaped praise on Amber and told why he is a dedicated family man.

"I'm her support system, whenever she needs me I've always been there. Family comes first coz children, wife, nini for me family comes first then any other thing"

Their daughter Africanah Rapudo turned two months old a few days ago. He is loving the journey so far

"I thought it would be challenging and so it been easy for the two of us and enjoying at the same time"

There are always questions surrounding what he does for a living yet there is no proof of it.

"Why would they talk badly, unless they are jealous coz number one I think I am not using anybody's taxes, no one has washed money through me. So Im just doing me and living my own life. so kama inawakera then they will just ..." he declared

He also doesn't mind his wife Amber calling herself the wife of a very rich man, 'bibi ya tajiri'.

"It really doesn't challenge me. For us whatever we have is enough for us. She doesn't challenge me in any way. I keep doing my hustle I provide for the family and that is what's okay with me"

How does he keep his marriage together despite online pressure?

"Siri ya ndoa is very simple - a woman is always right - Once you get that one, everything else is easy."

He describes her as a caring woman, "she's a woman who doesn't give me pressure coz unapata dame anapatia pressure 'oh do this for me oh nifanyie hivi' but Amber she is there for love. She is the right woman for me" he disclosed

He addressed whether he is with her for fame and she is with him for money;

"At the end of the day we just walk like our lives and we are ok with that. Everyone is welcome to have their own opinion after all it is your opinion, not ours,".

Kenyans are awaiting their nuptials which may after all be a surprise, according to Rapudo.

"It will be very private, it will be a surprise and maybe you wont even know about it you will just realize that we are married,".

He credits his long relationship to Amber, telling off Kenyans for predicting the end of their romance

"Remember when we met, Kenyans gave us an ultimatum, wakasema it won't be more than 2 weeks. Then it got to a month, before the elections, hapa ni wapi? we are still here. Hapa ni wapi?"

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