Fans wowed as J Blessing bonds with his beautiful all grown daughter

Watch as J Blessing and daughter bond in a beautiful moment

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

.The daughter is called Chentelle

.The music producer is the man behind the Kesho song trending on tiktok

music producer J Blessing
music producer J Blessing


Music producer J Blessing shared a father daughter moment, bonding over a song he has produced.

The father and daughter posed in his car she she rhymed along to the song Kesho by Brigid Brenda. 

Netizens were blown away by her beauty and resemblance to the producer.

Kesho according to the description on the YouTube channel is said to be a soulful and uplifting track that showcases Bridget Blue's unique vocal style and songwriting skills.

The song was composed and arranged by the renowned Jibril Blessing, with production by Thee talented SOFRESH. 

The song has captivated Kenyan Tiktok. and Brigid announced to fans to give it a try via her producer.

"The open verse is finally here!!!🥳🥳🥳💙💙💙I can’t wait to hear your verses🤗🤗.Duet me💙 #kesho"

Here are the lyrics that have got hearts melting over her beautiful voice.

Nitajaribu tena, {I will try again,}kesho…. {tomorrow}nitaamka upya na nisonge, {I will wake up anew and move forward,}hata wakipenda kunivunja, {even if they want to break me,}mambo yakizidi unga, {if things get tough,}sitashindwa kujivuta…. {I won't give up, }kesho naamka upya….(aaaaah){tomorrow I will wake up anew,} kesho naamka upya….(Aaaah) {tomorrow I will wake up anew.}

Blessing also has an inspirational message that many of us may find useful.

"Whatever makes you feel like you are begging is not genuine. Authenticity knows no boundaries, whether it's in friendship, business, or relationships. #jblessingword"

Check out some of the comments below

TheeBrand: Your daughter is beautiful

Thee_Mwadime: A copy of Chantelle

Junior Raz: Great lyrics J blessings... coupled by great Bridget vocals

Lucy: Your little girl is all grown up 🥰🥰🥰

Christine B'womari: How cute🥰🥰

josephinemoore: Your daughter is so grown woow what is time

itsGee: She's so beautiful

The bam: Can't believe she's this grown 🥰🥰

hi, it's me😍unafeel aje ukiwa na baba kifaa hivi baana😅😅😅🥰🥰🥰

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