Captain Otoyo's comedy extravaganza blows Kenyans away

Laughter echoed at Kenya National Theatre as Captain Otoyo hosted hilarious comedy show "Something Must Kill a Man"

Piece by: PAUL AMUKO

• Drawing from current incidences like the ocean gate submarine, the financial bill and the Shakahola incident, the overall event was nothing short of epic filled with laughter, camaraderie, and entertainment.

Comedian Mitch
Image: Instagram

The Kenya National Theatre was abuzz with excitement as Captain Otoyo,  took the stage to host his highly anticipated comedy show, "Something Must Kill a Man."

With a jam-packed venue and an electrifying atmosphere, the event kicked off at 6:30 pm after an energetic pre-show set by DJ Johnie, creating the perfect ambiance for an evening of laughter.

Hosted by the charismatic Mitch the Comedian, Milele FM's Anita Santuri, and Captain Otoyo himself, the show featured an exceptional lineup of stand-up comedians who left the audience in stitches with their side-splitting performances.

The theme of the night revolved around the various things that can "kill a man," including Nyash (troubles), taxes, mammary glands, and alcohol.

Drawing from current incidences like the ocean gate submarine, the financial bill and the Shakahola incident, the overall event was nothing short of epic filled with laughter, camaraderie, and entertainment.

Image: Instagram

The show commenced with Kabugi, a TikTok sensation who made his stand-up comedy debut. Grateful for the opportunity, he entertained the audience with jokes about the "Hapa ni wapi" meme and the loyalty of Kenyans to certain mathrees like Super metro.

He also humorously highlighted the struggles of being a light-skinned individual trying to attract attention from the opposite sex in the modern dating scene.

The laughter continued as Mitch the Comedian and Anita Santuri engaged in a comedic battle, playfully highlighting the contrasting approaches of Nairobi men versus Mombasa men when it comes to wooing women.

Their humorous anecdotes resonated with the audience, generating waves of laughter throughout their performances.

Luke Show took the stage next and had the crowd roaring with laughter with his clever punchlines. From joking about DJ Johnie's journey from scratch to contrasting local alcohol with more sophisticated international brands, he showcased his knack for captivating storytelling and observational humor.

''Dj johnie is the only Dj i know that started from scratch’’ Luke Show

His witty remark about the noticeable differences in people based on the type of alcohol they consume drew uproarious applause.

''Unajua you can tell what type of alcohol somebody drinks by just looking at them..sijui Samidoh but anakaa msee anakunywanga senator’’ Luke Show

Dame Wa Facebook
Image: Courtesy

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Captain Otoyo Something Must Kill A Man Show
Image: Courtesy

The highlight of the night was the sensational performance by Dame wa Facebook, whose quick-witted punchlines had the audience in stitches. Her jokes centered around her "kienyeji" (local) persona, playfully poking fun at her own appearance and effortlessly delivering hilarious Luhya-themed anecdotes. 

''By the way i am very beautiful...if you look fast, ukipay attention hapo sasa unaharibu.''

''Waluyha hawakufangii njaa, hao hukufa na vitu za maana ka food poisoning''  Dame wa Facebook.

Her comedic take on the Shakahola incident, suggesting that those who lost their lives can't be Luhya people because they don't die from starvation earned her a standing ovation and immense love from the crowd.

Captain Otoyo himself brought the house down with his contrasting humor, drawing hilarious comparisons between the older generation and Gen Z.

With his impeccable timing and infectious energy, he delivered a memorable performance that left the audience craving for more laughter.

Other notable performers included Pasha Mc Eddy, Jack, Dan Odumbe, Ndisii, Oga Bachelor, and Arnold Saviour, who all contributed to the uproarious atmosphere.

The event also featured a mesmerizing magic show by Chelle De Magician.

Celebrities in attendance included Wilbroda, Mulamwah, the Wololo TV crew, Mbusi Deh, Sarah Ibrahm, Aisha Dafalla the top female blood donor in East Africa among others. 

In a world yearning for joy and laughter, Captain Otoyo's comedy show, "Something Must Kill a Man," delivered an exceptional night of humor, uniting people through shared laughter and highlighting the incredible talent within Kenya's comedy scene.