MP Salasya promises Stevo Simple Boy a fully furnished house

• MP Salasya has also called out celebrities who use Stevo's plight to clout chase.

• The MP said he wants the star to be Independent.

Peter Salasya.
Image: Instagram

Mumias East member of Parliament Peter Salasya has promised Stevo Simle Boy a fully furnished house.

The promise comes at a time when the artist is allegedly struggling financially.

"How do you want me to help you?" The MP asked Stevo

To which the rapper responded that he wanted a house and a business.

" On Monday you will have a new home. I will look for a house for the young in Nairobi and pay for at least three months. I want you to be Independent. I want you to have your own shows and manage your own cash. "

Salasia also called out MP Obinna for making false promises to Stevo. 

"I have been seeing guys around this guy yet they do not help him.

I saw a guy named Obinna promising you a million, is he a millionaire himself? stop taking other people for granted."

He further added

"I will build you a house in Oyugi.

 Count on me. I know what it means to struggle. People who do things to trend and do not help Stevo may you be cursed."

Days ago while speaking to bloggers, Stevos's wife alleged the star is languishing in poverty as he has no money to his name despite the fame.

In an interview with Vincent Mboya, Stevo's wife Grace shared

"A lot of people assume that Stevo is the one who operates his Tiktok and Instagram pages but he is not. Many complain about wanting to help him but he is unreachable. I

It hurts me to talk about this. He has nothing. People assume he is living a good life but he is struggling.

He is struggling, you can contact him or send him any financial help. He will deeply appreciate it."

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