Why do you care so much about my relationship with Samidoh!? Curious Karen Nyamu asks fans

The politician is always being accosted by many online about her relationship with the singer

Piece by: Grace Muia

• Many were expressing their opinions talking about Eddy Nderitu and what she made Eddy feel by having kids with her husband.

Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Politician Karen Nyamu is more well-known on the internet, due to the drama surrounding her relationship with Mugiithi artist Samidoh.

The drama started because despite Samidoh being married to Eddy Nderitu, he got two children with Karen Nyamu.

Recently, Karen posted on Facebook that anything that starts with anger ends in shame. Many responded to her comment by bringing up Samidoh’s first wife Edday.

This seemed to tickle Karen who added a comment to the post a few moments later addressing followers asking her to break up with Samidoh.

Karen Nyamu asked followers why they care about seasons in her life as if didn't have seasons in theirs either.

"Mbona hujali misimu yangu kama huna misimu yako pia hehehehe nikiwacha kumpenda unaona nitapoteza nitapoteza chochote katika msimu huo," Karen asked one of her fans.

On Sunday, Senator Karen Nyamu posted a picture of herself wearing a sweater with the name of  Samidoh on it.

Most of the commenters seemed to focus more on the message on the senator's sweater more than anything else.

Some netizens claimed that she made the post as a way to provoke Samidoh's first wife while others even took the step of asking her why she posted the picture and if he did it on purpose.

"But you might wonder why the guy whose name appears on your sweater didn't marry you instead of the woman he's supposed to be officially married to. You weren't born yesterday. You're a side chick, don't worry," one fan told her.

Karen Nyamu, who has a lot of courage when it comes to defending herself, replied, "Hahaha, we are not complaining."

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